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Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Democrat Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, has described her viewpoint of the future of politics in the wake of her mother's defeat.

Hillary is guest editing December's issue of Teen Vogueand she commissioned a letter from Chelsea. The letter is addressed to Chelsea's children and describes her thoughts on the future of America.

Chelsea described her positive memories of the election...

For me, the 2016 Election was most of all about you and the world I wanted for you and your generation to grow up in.

While your grandmother’s name was on the ballot, for me, it was an election fundamentally about our country’s future, about your future. I am so proud to have campaigned for her — and fought for you.

She also acknowledged her family's privilege, a background of wealth she shares, although to not quite the same dizzying extent, with the Trumps:

Lucky in our privilege — you do not know what it is like to be hungry, to be homeless, to not have health care, to not have books to read, to not have a safe place to play in, to not know if your parents may be taken away in the night, to not have safe drinking water.​

Most interestingly, she also highlighted differences between Clinton and Trump on the campaign trail.

Particularly when it came to 'xenophobia':

She talked about people with racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic views that then-candidate Trump emboldened and validated.

In 2016, your grandmother was equally fighting for the people who agreed with her and those who didn’t — but she wasn’t afraid to call out bigoted views for what they were.

She also gave her thoughts on the current political climate...

I foolishly used to believe that the political and the personal could be separated; I no longer believe that.

We have a president who excuses neo-Nazis, who wants to ban members of our military because of who they are and keep out immigrants because of who they worship; that’s personal regard-less of our religion, our gender, or where we’re from.

We have a president who denies science, whether it’s vaccines or climate change or evidence that, yes, health insurance helps save lives; that’s personal, too, because it’s about protecting our public health today and in the future.

The marked rise in bullying in our schools, with some kids citing President Trump’s words to taunt others? That’s personal, too.

Protecting children isn’t someone else’s job; it’s all our jobs — even if the president doesn’t think it’s his.

She left her children with one final message:

The 2016 election didn’t have the outcome I hoped for, but my hopes for your futures haven’t changed. It’s never occurred to me to pull the proverbial (or actual) covers over my head. There’s no such thing as neutrality or opting out when everything is at stake.

You can read the full piece on Teen Vogue.

Donald Trump's approval rating has slid as his term has progressed, with his net rating (approval, minus disapproval) remaining consistently in negative numbers:

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