Chris Kamara shares heartwarming selfie with Ben Shepard after 'emotional' GMB interview

Chris Kamara shares heartwarming selfie with Ben Shepard after 'emotional' GMB interview
Chris Kamara breaks down as he shares battle with rare speech condition
Good Morning Britain, ITV

Chris Kamara has shared a heartwarming photo of himself with Ben Shephard following his emotional Good Morning Britain interview where he opened up about living speech apraxia.

The former footballer was on the show to discuss his upcoming memoir My Unbelievable Life and his current health condition.

Apraxia of speech (AOS) is a neurological disorder and it affects where natural motor functions in the body, causing problems with talking.

At one point during the interview, Shephard could be seen giving Kamara a warm hug as the 65-year-old couldn't hold back the tear when discussing how it "doesn't define who you are."

Following the interview, Kamara took to Twitter/X to share a wholesome selfie of himself with Shephard as he thanked everyone for their support.

"Big thank you to everyone who sent a message to me today, Sorry I was an emotional wreck on @GMB - Would you believe I really am getting through this & @benshephard as you saw is there for me," he wrote.

“My apologies to everybody out there who has got a speech condition, because it doesn’t define who you are,” the former footballer said during the interview.

“I get upset talking about it, because I was in denial, I was ashamed that I couldn’t speak.”

To which Susanna Reid replied: You've nothing to be ashamed of, honestly, let me just take your hand for a second Chris. Honestly, you've done so much to inspire other people."

"Ben [Shephard] was behind me coming out and doing the documentary, talking about it. Once I had spoken about it, you get it off your chest, you realise everyone's behind you... family, friends, all with you... no matter what happens," Kamara said of the support he received from Shephard.

Shephard told Kamara: "Chris, it doesn't change how we feel about you, you need to understand that."

To which Kamara added: "Can I say a big thanks to you, Ben, because none of this would have happened without your help!"

""I want a hug!" Shephard said before getting up from his chair as the pair shared a warm hug.

"Laura can you go to the weather or something please, this is very embarrassing [over getting teary live on air]," Shephard said afterwards.

Viewers also took to Twitter/X to share their support for Kamara, calling him a "legend" and "national treasure."

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