Christopher Biggins slammed after claiming bisexual Superman character panders ‘to the woke system’

Christopher Biggins slammed after claiming bisexual Superman character panders ‘to the woke system’

Christopher Biggins’ comments regarding the new Superman’s sexuality have left Good Morning Britain viewers scratching their heads.

During a discussion about the fictional character’s sexuality, Biggins dismissed the move as pandering “to the woke system”.

The comments were made in reference to the new Superman Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, who was revealed to be bisexualto mark National Coming Out Day on Monday.

Biggins – who appeared to slightly misunderstand that the character is Clark Kent’s son and not Clark Kent himself – said: “If you want to do something like this, do something original, don’t take characters that already exist and make them into something that they’re not.”

Host Richard Madeley said he would understand Biggins’ point if they had indeed made Clark Kent bisexual as he has been around for so long and has such a rich back-story.

But he added:“This is the next generation and actually in terms of fiction it’s perfectly reasonable to think that the son of Clark Kent and Louis Lane might well grow up to be bisexual. You say ‘why’, but why not?”

Biggins – still perhaps not grasping which character was being talked about – replied: “I just find it extraordinary. I do find it absolutely bizarre that this is what people want nowadays.

“Why can’t we stick to what we’ve had and [been] given? Why don’t they do some new characters, why don’t they create something new, something different, than go to a character we all know, we all love and we all know as this? Not that.”

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Biggins’ comments, with blogger Alex Burgess saying he was talking “absolute b***cks”.

Some questioned why Biggins was invited on to the show at all. During his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, Biggins was accused of expressing biphobic views, dismissing bisexuality as “people not wanting to admit they’re gay.”

Podcaster Aamir Hassan also appeared on the show and challenged Biggins’ views, saying it’s incredible to see superheroes “become actual superheroes”.

Hassan said: “For a lot of young people, they don’t have the privilege of coming out and they’re in positions where they are not able to come out and they’re not able to be themselves and I’ve been there myself before.”

He said young people look to media, entertainment, and comic books to seek solace.

“If even just one young person out there can see Superman’s son be bisexual and it helps them, I don’t see what the issue is because representation and visibility doesn’t just change lives, it genuinely saves lives.”

He hit back at Biggins’ comments that everything is changing by saying that things actually do need to change because society is not in a good place, especially for LGBTQ+ people.

Hassan also said that people who bat down Superman’s sexuality as being “too woke” are preventing young people from being “helped” by seeing their sexuality represented.

Since the announcement that Superman’s son is bisexual, Republican politicians also felt the need to share their thoughts. 

Former Superman actor Dean Cain has also slammed the news as “bandwagoning”.

The comic book hero’s news comes just weeks after Bi Visibility Day, a day which aims to raise awareness for the identity and highlight the specific barriers facing bi people.

We think Hassan summed it up best when he asked: “How can this cause such a stir? It makes no difference to your life at all.”

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