Some people think a colour-coded window system for looking after neighbours during coronavirus could be dangerous
Twitter / Beth Crompton

During the coronavirus pandemic, communities across the world are finding their own ways to make it through.

There’s been heartwarming stories of people putting postcards through each other’s doors, to check if people need help.

But now a new system has gone viral on Twitter.

Beth Crompton tweeted a picture of a street in her neighbourhood who are trialling a system where everyone has a green card in their window. If the card is replaced by a red card, then that person can be quickly identified as needing assistance during this difficult time.

Lots of people loved the idea.

But there were also people who were concerned about how a system like this might be exploited by those with bad intentions.

There have been a few disturbing reports of burglars posing as NHS workers and entering older people’s homes. There has been concern that a “red card” could easily identify someone to people who are using this distressing time to take advantage of people.

The intentions of this system are undoubtedly pure and kind. But it's a reminder that, unfortunately, there are people out there who might try to use their circumstances for their own gain. Maybe a WhatsApp of Facebook group would be a safer option?

Regardless, it's very heartening to see neighbours so keen to look out for one another.

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