Dad saves daughter’s life using technique he saw Michael Scott use on The Office

<p>Michael Scott performing CPR during office training - this is what Uber remembered as was able to save his daughter’s life</p>

Michael Scott performing CPR during office training - this is what Uber remembered as was able to save his daughter’s life

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A fan of The Office US managed to help save his four-year-old daughter’s life – thanks to the character Michael Scott’s CPR performance.

When Vera Posy collapsed during a game of tag, her father Matt Uber immediately rushed to help her and performed CPR, despite not having any training.

At first, Uber describes how, when Vera stopped giggling and he then “heard a thud,” he thought that the toddler had “tripped and fallen and hit her head.”

But he realised it was much more serious as she was “limp” when he picked her up and “her eyes were kind of rolled back.”

“I observed that she was not breathing and she was turning pale,” Uber from Carmel, Indiana, told TODAY.

Uber shouted to his older daughter Nora to call 911, and as he placed Vera on the floor. That’s when his mind flashed to The Office US.

The 46-year-old remembered an episode (Season 5, episode 14 to be exact) where CPR training is given to the characters, including Scott, played by Steve Carell.

Uber explained: “When I was trying to think about what do I know about CPR, (my mind literally went) to that episode of ‘The Office,’ where they are doing CPR training and doing the compressions to the beat of ‘Stayin’ Alive.’”

So, Uber did exactly that.

He placed his hands where he presumed they should go and started doing the compressions in time with the iconic Bee Gees song.

“It’s just what kicks in, what’s in your head, and that’s fortunate,” he said.

Paramedics took over when they arrived, continuing to perform CPR and also used a defibrillator.

Thanks to her father’s quick thinking, Vera survived.

When she was taken to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, doctors uncovered why the four-year-old experienced a cardiac arrest at such a young age.

After undergoing multiple tests, Vera was diagnosed with calmodulinopathy, an uncommon and life-threatening condition that causes arrhythmia in young people.

As a result, doctors recommended that an implantable cardioverter defibrillator should be fitted in Vera’s abdomen.

The device will shock the heart if it ever stops again.

Thankfully, Vera has made a good recovery and doesn’t remember being in hospital or her ordeal.

The family now want to spread awareness about the effectiveness of being trained in CPR, which ultimately saved their daughter’s life.

“We know that every second, every moment that CPR was not initiated, it increased her risk of neurological damage or non-survival,” Vera’s mother, Erin said.

Who knew Michael Scott could be a lifesaver?

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