Picture: Dale Roberts/Facebook
Picture: Dale Roberts/Facebook

Peter Roberts, a 71-year-old father of a gay man, had an amazing response to an Australian politician who appeared to compare gay men to paedophiles.

Liberal National MP George Christensen attacked Queensland's recent decision to equalise the age of consent for anal sex, insisting it was “legalising 50-year-old men being able to sleep with 16-year-old boys”.

He added that it would lead to 16-year-old boys being “preyed upon and groomed by much older men”.

This didn’t go down well with a lot of people including Peter Roberts, whose son Dale is openly gay.

Peter wrote to Christensen on Facebook via his wife’s account to defend his son, and said:

A few Anzac years ago you bought me a beer, as a 20-plus veteran with two tours of Vietnam. If you did it now I would tip the bloody thing over your head. The typical homophobic, they must be paedophiles. So it is alright for old men like me to try and find a younger women but not a gay man? I have a GAY SON who I am so proud of what he has achieved in his life.

He added:

He should have the same rights as I have to marry, to adopt if he and his partner wants to, and not have clowns like you who live in the past helping to run this country and make decision for us and him.

Peter’s son Dale proudly posted the full message on Twitter, which has since been shared hundreds of times:

However, Christensen later replied to Roberts’ Facebook comment to clarify what he meant, which Dale also shared on his Twitter account:

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