Dannii Minogue shuts down reports that she has 'come out as queer'

Dannii Minogue shuts down reports that she has 'come out as queer'
Dannii Minogue thinks lesbians are underrepresented on television
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Dannii Minogue has quashed reports that she has "come out as queer" during the launch of the new gay dating show she's hosting called I Kissed a Girl.

The 52-year-old was in attendance at a Q&A event about the BBC 3 show which is the UK's first reality dating programme for lesbian and bisexual women.

In the groundbreaking series, 10 singletons are paired off by researchers, then share a kiss beside the pool before they've even exchanged any words and will then explore if they're compatible, with the chance to get to know the other contestants too.

To add some drama to the mix, five additional women will then join the show to stir things up at the Italian Masseria.

"I identify as queer in a weird way," Minogue said at the event and when later asked about the contestants, the Aussie replied: "You girls are hot. You know it. I love it. I’m here for it. Is that an answer?"

Following Minogue's comments, it has been widely reported that the former X Factor judge has "come out as queer."

However, in a recent Instagram post Minogue clarified she is straight but is a staunch supporter and identifies with the queer community - in a similar vein to Glee star Darren Criss who is straight but in a recent interview shared how he identifies as “culturally queer."

She described how the event was "filled with fun and laughter" where she discussed her role in the show as a "host and eternal ally to the LGBTQIA+ community."

"I have been lucky enough to know and work with the queer community most of my life and I can’t wait for Sunday night. It’s all about girls who like girls, bring it on!"

She then addressed the sexuality reports head-on.

"To clarify, there was no breakdown and I was not making an announcement that I’m a lesbian or queer, I’m straight and in a long-term hetero relationship," Minogue wrote, who has been in a relationship with musician Adrian Newman for a decade.

"The Q&A with Catherine Bohart was wonderful and the reaction in the room and all the follow-up questioning from the host, after that line, addressing me as a straight woman and ally is the clearest confirmation that this line was taken out of context and used as clickbait."

She added: "Here's to the first series of I Kissed A Girl and let’s not let this distract from this incredibly important series for lesbian, bisexual and queer women’s representation on TV."

I Kissed A Girl will begin on BBC iPlayer on 5 May. Episodes will air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm.

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