This man's honest reply to a girl after a first date is a perfect example of why 'ghosting' is so bad

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In the modern age of dating, there are plenty of shady tactics that people use to avoid talking to someone again.

They range from the likes of 'micro-cheating' to 'submarining', but we think we can all agree that 'ghosting' is by far the worst.

It's a really cold and ignorant way of telling someone that they just aren't that into them and, if you've experienced it, you'll know just how depressing and demoralising it can be.

Therefore, when someone is upfront and flat out states that they just don't see things working out, then it is surprisingly refreshing.

Take for example this story that recently went viral on r/Tinder subreddit, where a girl got a frank and honest reply to a simple 'thank you for a nice breakfast' message.

It's hardly the most subtle or articulate way of telling someone that you don't like them but it's much better than dragging someone along for months on end or going on pointless dates.

The post, which was only shared on Thursday, has already received more than 97,000 upvotes and was uploaded by the girl who got rejected.

She later confirmed that it was the first date that the two had gone on and it was at a Waffle House, of all places.

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