Everyone agrees David Harbour understood the Met Gala assignment

Everyone agrees David Harbour understood the Met Gala assignment
David Harbour reveals moment he knew he had to marry Lily Allen

While attending the Met Gala on Monday, actor David Harbour gave some hysterical, yet accurate, answers about the gilded age prompting fans to declare he understood the assignment.

Harbour, 47, made his red carpet appearance alongside his wife, Lily Allen, and stopped by Variety to speak with them about the theme.

"You got the memo," the Variety correspondent said to Harbour. The Stranger Things actor approached the correspondent wearing a black coattail tuxedo, top hat, and carrying a walking cane alongside Allen, who was celebrating her 37th birthday.

Harbour's outfit fit the theme of gilded glamour by encapsulating the aura of a wealthy man attending an extravagant party.

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"You own a railroad?" The correspondent jokingly asked.

"Yes! Yes! Several... sir. We do not have, what's that thing - anti-trust laws yet," Harbour declared while taking off his top hat.

"What would you be like in the gilded age?" The Variety correspondent asked.

"I'd be such an a**hole," Harbour quickly said holding his cigar. "I'd be the worst, man. I'd just be the worst."

Footage of Harbour giving his humorous responses to Variety went viral on TikTok, gaining over a million views. Commenters pointed out that not only was the actor's outfit appropriate but his responses indicated he understood the era.

"love that he understands that he would be the worst in that era lmao."

"David must have paid attention in history class."

"Literally the only person at the met gala who understood the assignment."

The gilded age is the period of time between 1870 and 1890, penned by Mark Twain, that produced rapid economic growth and industrialization.

Notably, the era is known for its large wealth inequality gap, political corruption, and the unequal treatment of people of color and women.

Harbour's ability to dress for the party while remaining self-aware of the problematic issues that occurred during the era resonated with people.

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