This woman's dog died so she paid tribute in the best way possible

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Saying goodbye to a beloved pet after their death is never an easy thing to do, but a woman in Glasgow has found the perfect way to commemorate the memory of her dog.

Loki was a Staffy-collie cross that belonged to Jennifer McKnight and her husband. He was originally adopted by her friend Rachel in 2007 from the SSPCA's Cardonald Dog and Cat Home.

However, when Rachel went on a trip to New Zealand, Loki ended up staying with Jennifer for the next eight years.

Sadly, Loki died earlier this year but rather than keep memories of him to themselves, Jennifer and her husband, Rory began spreading the love in a perfectly simple way.

A tweet shared by actor Colin McCredie shows that Jennifer has left a box of tennis balls with a poster paying tribute to Loki.

Since the tweet went viral, Jennifer has told BuzzFeedthat there are three boxes of balls and other toys located along the Kelvin Walkway in Glasgow's West End.

She told BuzzFeed:

Loki had a lot of people who loved him. My friend Rachel and my husband and I were his owners.

We were all with him right to the end and were completely bereft afterwards.

I figured doing something nice for other dogs would be a nice tribute.

Many people act like losing a dog isn't real bereavement but it really is.

I figured doing some of the same goodbye rituals may help us all a wee bit...

It's been absolutely lovely to see pictures of the other dogs enjoying the balls and tug ropes.

After Jennifer saw Colin's tweet she got in touch to express how happy she was.

Other residents from the area and dog owners alike have also replied, thanking Jennifer and paying tribute to Loki.

Another user shared a picture of a similar tribute that he had made for his dog.

When talking to BuzzFeed Jennifer added that Staffies and Staffy crosses are often overlooked in shelters and deserve to be considered if you are thinking of adopting a dog.

I'd like to say that Loki was one of a large number of Staffies and Staffy crosses in the shelter when we first went along to look for a dog.

It is still full of Staffies who have a really hard time of it, being taken on for the wrong reasons and then abandoned through no fault of their own.

To anyone thinking of getting a dog, don't overlook those Staffies in need of a home. They could turn out to be another Loki and you'd be so, so lucky to have one of those. 'mon the dugs!

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