President Donald Trump’s approval rating is record-breakingly awful

Win McNamee/Getty Images

It's safe to say Donald Trump has probably never been less popular in London.

After the British capital was hit by a terrorist attack at the weekend, he decided to take the opportunity to attack the city's mayor on Twitter rather than, for example, offer sympathy of any kind.

The Associated Press noted that the way he twisted the words of Sadiq Khan damaged his already tawdry credibility as President.

His continually dismal behaviour and failure to secure reform on many of his key campaign policies has reflected on his approvals.

His approval rating hit an all-time low on Saturday 3 June of 36 per cent. His disapproval rating hit 58 per cent, resulting in a staggeringly poor net approval rating of -22.

Simply put, Donald Trump is languishing in the worst honeymoon period for a new president in at least 50 years.

Here's how he compares to Obama for the same period.

Just imagine how dismal they'll be when he hits the mid term slump.

Former FBI director James Comey is set to testify on Thursday 8 June before the Senate Intelligence Committee about links between the Trump administration and Russia.

Comey was fired by Donald Trump mid-way through a series of investigative probes into alleged Kremlin interference in the US election last November. A move that many consider to be decidedly suspicious.

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