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Donald Trump cries "fake news" a lot.

The President of the United States regularly energises his base by accusing publications and broadcasters of conspiring against him when they publish negative articles or segments.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), said that Donald Trump's "nationalistic rhetoric" and habit of labelling critical media and journalists as "fake news", provided the framework for countries with poor press freedom conditions to jail journalists.

This may not concern the President; what may do, however, is his loss of favourability among his positive media viewership.

Approval ratings for Fox viewers of Mr Trump, published by Suffolk University in Boston, were tweeted by strategist Adrian Gray.

We've charted the figures for all networks, from December 2016. Fox is by a large margin the most supportive viewership of Mr Trump.

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The President recently endorsed Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who was the subject of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

Mr Moore vehemently denied all the allegations, but lost key Republican endorsements (not Trump's) before losing to Democrat Doug Jones in an unlikely result in a red state stronghold.

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