Donald Trump says he wants to 'penetrate the internet' to defeat Isis

Republican presidential candidates met for their fifth and final debate of 2015 on Tuesday night in Las Vegas.

While Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio went head to head over national security, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump clashed over the latter's plan to ban Muslim immigration.

But when not getting ruffled by the former Florida governor, the GOP frontrunner waded further into his plans on how to stop Isis, by explaining that he wanted to "penetrate the internet" in order to stop their propaganda and recruitment machine.

When asked by CNN host Wolf Blitzer whether he planned to shut down parts of the internet as previously proposed, the Donald explained:

These are thugs, these are terrible people in Isis, not masterminds. We have to change it from every standpoint.

We should be using our brilliant minds, our brilliant people, our most brilliant minds to figure a way that Isis cannot use the internet.

And second, we should be able to penetrate the internet and find out exactly where Isis is and everything about Isis and we can do that if we use our good people.

You can watch the exchange below:

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