Drake mocked for 42-diamond necklace representing all the times he almost proposed

Drake mocked for 42-diamond necklace representing all the times he almost proposed
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Drake has marked his relationship history in the most extravagant way imaginable, leaving people cringing hard.

The Canadian rapper recently purchased a lavish $7 million necklace with a twist. It features a total of 42 engagement ring diamonds totalling 351.38 carats... For all the times he almost proposed.

The piece of jewellery, entitled "Previous Engagements" was created by Alex Moss in New York to honour "all the times he thought about it but never did".

The famed US jeweller took to their Instagram account to showcase the piece, described as "a true wonder of the jewellery world".

It continued: "Bordering the impossible, an expedition spanning 14 months, every diamond hand selected, inspected to only suite perfection."

"This monumental art piece was assembled using 351.38 carrots diamond mounted in 18k white gold, each stone meticulously set utilising the eagle core technique."

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"Previous Engagements, for all the times he thought about it but never did," the voiceover continued.

Inevitably Twitter did its thing, with one accusing the 'Rich Flex' rapper of "lying so bad."

They joked: "You're telling me, he ran into 42 WOMEN he wanted to marry at age 36? B***h I’m HOWLING at how he be lying so bad."

Another made a hilarious real-life comparison, writing: "Getting that Drake necklace with 42 wedding rings to represent the 42 times I’ve told a guy 'I’m really busy with work this week but maybe later?' and then never followed up about later."

"Drake having a 42 diamond necklace for the 42 times he’s wanted to propose is crazy," a third added. "I don’t think I’ve even had 42 conversations I’ve enjoyed in my life."

Meanwhile, one Drake fan penned: "Everybody giving their opinion on Drake’s necklace like they’ll ever come close to having the money for something like that let the man be corny if he wanna be corny damn y’all still gonna bump his s***."

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