Why the Royal Family never sign autographs

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A selfie Ma'am? Why yes of course - but an autograph? No that simply will not do.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, have both met thousands of people throughout their global travels.

25 September 2015 on a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. Picture:25 September 2015 on a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. Picture:

The Duchess of Cornwall has made 19 official trips with the Duke since their first official overseas visit to Canada in 2011.

20 November 2015, Caernarfon, Wales.20 November 2015, Caernarfon, Wales.

Yet amidst all the flowers and exotic gifts that she's received from well wishers, there's one request she politely turns down.

10 April 2014, Blenheim, New Zealand. Picture:10 April 2014, Blenheim, New Zealand. Picture:

If you should ever meet HRH, save yourself the trouble by not asking for an autograph.

According to the Daily Express, protocol dictates that all members of the Royal Family decline to give out their signature, in order to avoid forgery.

You might want to return any 'signed' commemorative plates from the happy couple.

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