David Bowie's son has theory why Trump keeps playing his dad's music

David Bowie's son has theory why Trump keeps playing his dad's music
Former President Donald Trump announces 2024 bid for White House

The son of legendary musician David Bowie revealed that the reason he believes former President Donald Trump plays his father's music at events.

Last week, Trump announced his third bid for president in the 2024 election, and Jones, a filmmaker, took to Twitter to share that he was unhappy about the former president using his father's song "Heroes."

Trump used the song on Tuesday (15 November) as he left his campaign announcement at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

And as people asked whether or not something has been done to try and prevent Trump from getting his hands on the music, Duncan Jones said he was informed that "little" could be done about the situation.

"We've been [through] this before. He used the same track 6 years ago. I've been told there is little we can do about it," Jones tweeted on Wednesday (16 November).

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In another tweet, Jones noted how he felt Trump was trying to "wind" him up by using his father's music.

Other people shared their disappointment that Jones had to go through something like this.

One person wrote: "How painfully exhausting & nauseating that's the case."

"F****** nauseating," another agreed, while a third wrote: "Who told you that? Yes, you can do something about this, and you should do so! Your father was a great man, and he would be appalled with this disrespectful act!!"

Someone else added: "No worries. Fifty years from now, Trump will be long gone, just a minor blip in history, but 'Heroes' will live on as one of the greatest songs of all time.

The trouble around the "Heroes" usage comes after many other artists, including Adele and Elton John, and Twisted Sister, who have all publicly addressed not wanting the former commander-in-chief to use their songs without permission.

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