Edward Snowden took down Jeb! Bush and Kanye West with one tweet

If you haven't been on the internet for a while, you'll have missed Kanye West having a little bit of a meltdown. Welcome back.

In the last few days, Kanye has held a fashion show for his third "Yeezy" collection, performed on Saturday Night Live, dropped The Life of Pablo, said he's $53m in debt, appealed to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1bn in his 'ideas', kicked up a feud with Taylor Swift with misogynistic lyrics, claimed that Bill Cosby is innocent and said he is more in need of charity than Africa.

If we've missed something, we're sorry, but you can see how it's a little difficult to keep up.

Many of his more outlandish acts occurred on Twitter, which he should probably step away from at some point if he keeps stuff like this up:

Somewhere, the world's smallest violin is serenading Mr West...

He then appealed for people to join the music streaming service Tidal, revealing that his new album will never feature on iTunes, presumably in a bid for funds.

Former CIA employee and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had probably the best takedown of West's misguided rant:

He is of course referencing possibly the most cringeworthy moment of the presidential race so far, when Republican nominee Jeb! Bush actually requested applause from a clearly bored audience:

Watch the full video, below:

Utterly apt.

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