Elle Brooke jokes that she's making merch inspired by her viral Piers Morgan interview

Elle Brooke jokes that she's making merch inspired by her viral Piers Morgan interview
OnlyFans creator Elle Brooke clashes with Piers Morgan on TalkTV

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke who went viral for her interview with Piers Morgan has joked about making merch from the memorable quote from the exchange.

The 25-year-old hit back at the broadcaster who asked her about the future and what her potential children would think about her career.

Piers said: "How would you feel when you'd want to have kids yourself?"

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To which Brooke who previously said she doesn't want kids right now promptly quipped back: "They can cry in a Ferrari."

The clip posted by the show's Twitter account quickly racked up huge numbers and has been viewed more than 16.6 million times.

Since then, Brooke has taken to Instagram to repost an edit of the clip and then asked her 764,000 followers in the caption: "Should I get 'Cry in a Ferrari' merch made up?"

Some shared their excitement about possible merch being released.

One person wrote: "I’m buying it! Does it come with hot pants too?"

"Honestly that’s such a dope answer!" another person said.

Someone else added: "Um yes make the shirt, I’m your first customer."

"Hell yeah get the bag," a fourth person commented.

Though not everyone loved the idea...

" 'Cry in a Ferrari' whilst getting bullied every day for most of their childhood and even into adulthood," one person said.

Another person wrote: "This is a terrible mentality to have."

Brooke has previously shared that she makes around £360,000 per year from OnlyFans.

"I earn a lot of money. I don't want to give a specific number, but I am 0.01 percent on OnlyFans, I'm as top as it gets. It means you are the best of the best," she said in the same interview when her earnings were mentioned.

But Brooke has also said how she wants to be "careful not to completely glamorise SW [sex work] for the younger generation."

In the tweet, she added: "Whilst I am very happy with my choice, it’s not always bells and roses, so it’s important that you educate yourself on the risks and long-term impacts before becoming a SWer [sex worker]. Here for advice always x."

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