Elon Musk says feds drug tested him after smoking blunt with Joe Rogan

Elon Musk says feds drug tested him after smoking blunt with Joe Rogan
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Elon Musk says he was monitored by the federal government after he smoked marijuana on the The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

On Friday, Musk, 51, joined the Nelk Boys and John Shahidi on the Full Send PodcastPodcast to discuss a variety of different topics, one of which was backlash Musk has received on the internet.

"Remember when you smoked weed on Joe Rogan? Did you get a lot of backlash for that?" Kyle Forgeard asked.

Musk responded, "I did get a lot of backlash because it's still, liked, federally illegal."

During the conversation, Musk revealed he was forced to submit drug tests to the federal government after he smoked with Rogan because SpaceX has federal government contracts.

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"It was pretty nutty actually, I had to have random drug tests after to prove I wasn't a drug addict," he added.

Musk said the government drug tested him for 'everything' in the year following his appearance on Rogan's podcast.

On the podcast Musk also discussed the legality of marijuana in the US and the recent jail sentencing of WNBA player Brittney Griner.

"If the president working so hard to sort of free someone who's in jail in Russia for some weed then shouldn't we free people in America who are in jail for the same stuff?" Musk said.

Although marijuana is federally illegal in the United States, 19 states legalized it both recreationally and medically. However, many incarcerated people are still spending jail time for non violent drug-related crimes, even in states where it is legal recreationally.

Like many other people, Musk said he believes people should not be in jail for non violent drug crimes.

Among other things the Tesla CEO said on the Full Send Podcast he added that he believes Mars needs to be colonized in case of a World War III, more people need to be born to prevent 'population collapse', and spoke about his family.

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