Elon Musk's 9-minute jet flight from San Jose to San Francisco sparks ...

Elon Musk took a nine minute flight in his private jet from San Jose to San Francisco and people are not happy.

Billionaire Musk can happily afford the finer things in life, but the Space X and Tesla CEO has faced criticism for his impact on climate change from such an unnecessary journey.

Twitter users who monitor the movements of Musk’s private jet revealed that he made the 35-mile journey that lasted nine minutes. Depending on the traffic at the time, the journey can be driven in around 40 minutes.

The flight took place back in May, but it drew attention this weekend after the flight map was posted on Twitter, sparking debate about Musk’s carbon footprint particularly as he is the head of an electric car company.

Transit enthusiast Hayden Clarkin tweeted: “Elon Musk took a 9 minute flight to San Francisco from San Jose, which is 5 stops on Caltrain. I literally have no words.”

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One person replied: “BUT IM SUCKING ON PAPER STRAWS.”

Another argued: “Solutions for the climate crisis will not come from billionaires.”

Someone else said: “This should be a felony.”

Musk’s hypocrisy was laid bare when someone posted a side-by-side of the tweet showing Musk’s 9-minute flight and a tweet from Musk professing that “Tesla exists to help reduce the risk of catastrophic climate change”.

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