Emily Blunt apologises after ’fatphobic’ 2012 interview resurfaces

Emily Blunt apologises after ’fatphobic’ 2012 interview resurfaces

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Actress Emily Blunt has apologised after a video of her making a "fatphobic" comment resurfaced online.

The clip, which was from a 2012 interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, shows Blunt telling a story where she refers to a Chili's worker as "enormous" for seemingly no reason.

"The girl who was serving me was enormous. I think she got freebie meals at Chili's", Blunt said to TV host Jonathan Ross who responded to her description of the woman by saying: "Nothing wrong with that."

In a statement issued to The Independent, Blunt apologised for her comments saying: "I just need to address this head on as my jaw was on the floor watching this clip from 12 years ago. I'm appalled that I would say something so insensitive, hurtful, and unrelated to whatever story I was trying to tell on a talk show.

"I've always considered myself someone who wouldn't dream of upsetting anyone so whatever possessed me to say anything like this in that moment is unrecognisable to me or anything I stand for. And yet it happened, and I said it and I'm so sorry for any hurt caused. I was absolutely old enough to know better."

Many called out Blunt's comments on social media when the video first resurfaced.

Others called the comment "unnecessary" and said Blunt appeared to "be a not very nice person".

Some said they felt sad for the waitress who was likely excited to meet Blunt, only to see her being shamed for her body on TV by the actress.

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