Taylor Swift fans notice Emily Dickinson patterns in her work following family revelation

Taylor Swift fans notice Emily Dickinson patterns in her work following family revelation
Taylor Swift's Ancestral Tie To Poet Emily Dickinson Unveiled
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Taylor Swift is related to famous poet Emily Dickinson, genealogy company Ancestry told TODAY - and fans have been drawing connections between both of their work.

It turns out the pair are sixth cousins, three times removed - and this relation was broken down from where the family ties begin.

“Swift and Dickinson both descend from a 17th-century English immigrant (Swift’s 9th great-grandfather and Dickinson’s 6th great-grandfather who was an early settler of Windsor, Connecticut),” Ancestry explained to TODAY.

Following this new information, Swifties did what they do best and have been sharing theories as to how Dickinson has influenced Swift's music.

One example is TikToker Jordyn (@djcrocs) who analysed the different ways each of Swift's albums relates to Dickinson's poems and began by talking about Swift's upcoming album The Tortured Poets Department.

“The fact that her album, freakin The Tortured Poets Department, is coming out,” Jordyn said. “Who was more of a tortured poet than Emily Dickinson?"

She then went on to talk about Swift's ninth album evermore as fans at the time of the 2020 release noted how Swift dropped the album on Dickinson’s birthday, Dec. 10.

“Who did Taylor Swift draw a lot of inspiration for Evermore from?” Jordyn asks. “Emily Dickinson.”

An additional detailed that is also mentioned is the fact that the the album title references the last line of one of Dickinson’s most romantic poems.


Replying to @Amanda @ren ♡ would love to hear your thoughts on this poem #lgbetty #thetorturedpoetsdepartment

Meanwhile, the release date for The Tortured Poets Department on April 19 also appears to have some literary connection one of Dickinson's works.

"I think it’s crazy that Emily Dickinson has a poem titled 419, with Taylor’s album coming out on 4/19," Jordyn said.

“Or, four nineteen,” she continued. “And this poem is titled 419,” she says as she points to a screenshot of Dickinson’s poem in her video.

As she read each stanza, Jordyn related each one to a different Swift album, and discovered the biggest links were to the Lover and Midnights albums.

With these theories, the TikToker tried to further theorise what Swift's new album could be all about and believes the theme has something to do with getting "used to this darkness and you’re able to like to see something in the sight at the end."

“Are we stepping out of this darkness?” she questioned. “Are we like, you know stepping into the daylight and letting it go for real with this new album and this new era?”

“Because it feels like a new start,” Jordyn concluded but also asked: “Or, are we staying in this darkness?”

Guess we'll have to wait and find out when the highly anticipated album comes out on April 19...

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