<p>Social media has been divided over the recent ‘mum-shaming’ of the model</p>

Social media has been divided over the recent ‘mum-shaming’ of the model


Emily Ratajkowski has suffered a torrent of abuse across social media, with scores of users questioning her parenting skills.

It kicked off when the new mum and model, 30, was accused of holding her son “like a sack of potatoes”,  after posting a snap while on holiday in Turks and Caicos.

Piers Morgan was among the swarm to lay into her over the photo, tweeting: "That’s not how you hold a baby @emrata – and your millions of followers shouldn’t be encouraged to do the same.”

The criticism has since continued, with Instagram users quick to call out her latest posts on the platform.

In one video reel, marking the model’s birthday, she can be seen sipping wine on the beach, before a later clip shows her breast-feeding son Sylvester Apollo Bear.

The montage sparked comments from sceptical viewers, with one writing: “Hope you weren’t breastfeeding after having alcohol."

Others quipped that she had been treating her child as an “accessory”.

One wrote: “At least you didn’t neglect your child and use it as a photo prop today.”

While another snidely asked: “Learn how to hold a baby yet?”

Ratajowski was forced to remove the comments from the earlier picture of her posing with Sylvester following the fierce online backlash.

Concerned viewers suggested she wasn’t holding the infant correctly by apparently failing to support his head and neck.

Morgan’s take on the image racked up more than 2,000 retweets and 9,000 likes, with fellow Twitter users sharply divided over his assessment – and whether he had any right to give it.

Some defended the model against the father-of-four and his offer to give her “tips” on how to carry a child:

However, others reinforced his concerns:

Morgan later defended his stance, writing: "If she chooses to use her baby as a prop to promote [herself] to 27 million people on Instagram, and she’s holding that baby in a dangerous way, it’s actually the duty of any caring human being to tell her so the baby comes to no harm."

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