Billionaire's son Eric Trump tries to claim he's a blue collar guy

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Eric Trump has spoken about his early years, and he’s making out like he’s the son of a lumberjack rather than one of the richest men in America.

Eric, one of the five children of The Donald, recently gave an interview where he made out he had the most blue collar upbringing of all time.

Speaking to self-proclaimed prophet Julie Green in a webinar, Trump said: “I grew up wiring buildings with electricians, pouring concrete, doing tile work, running HVAC, cutting down trees, running backhoes.”

We imagined the sons of most billionaires live lives of luxury, enjoying a relationship – not Eric, apparently.

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People on social media were pretty sceptical, with one writing: “Narrator: None of this actually happened.”

“I walked to school and carried my lunch, up hill, both ways,” another joked.

One more added: “So the other four grew up in the penthouse, but somehow Eric of all people grew up as Bob the Builder.”

Eric wasn't convincing anyone when he recounted his early yearsGetty

A user said: “The closest thing he probably got to doing construction work was to play with his Tonka toys.”

It’s not the first time Eric has tried to claim he had a tough upbringing.

Back in August he spoke to Rumble, Eric said: “Congratulations, you’re going out with construction guys to cut rebar … you’re going to hop on a backhoe, you’re going to dig holes, you’re going to grab a chainsaw, you’re going to clear down trees from a storm, you’re going to do electrical work and plumbing work … we were on job sites."

"We were 11 years old, paid minimum wage, learning a trade. That was expected.”

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