Everyone should hear what Justin Trudeau has to say about being a feminist

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau spoke at the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual meeting in Davos on Friday this week.

During a session discussing gender parity he described how he saw men's involvement in feminism:

Men have to be a big part of this conversation. One of the things I am incredibly proud of is to have a partner, in my wife Sophie, who is incredibly committed to womens’ and girls’ issues. We’re of a like mind and I agree with her on that and I’ve been very thoughtful of how we raise our daughter.

She took me aside a couple of months ago and said 'Ok, it’s great that you’re engaged with and modelling to your daughter that you want her empowered, but you need to take as much effort to talk to your sons about how they treat women and how he is going to grow up to be a feminist, just like dad.'

We shouldn't be afraid of the word 'feminist,' men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want.

But that role we have as men, in supporting and demanding equality and demanding a shift is really, really important.

Watch the full video from WEF below:

Trudeau appointed a gender-balanced cabinet of 15 men and 15 women after he became prime minister in November.

Trudeau famously justified that choice at the end of last year with the retort:

Because it’s 2015.

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