Everyone should read what Paddy Ashdown has to say about David Cameron

Everyone should read what Paddy Ashdown has to say about David Cameron

Paddy Ashdown did an AMA on the Liberal Democrat subreddit yesterday, and he had some words of warning regarding the Tory government.

Reddit user oliethefolie asked the former Lib Dem leader:

While I'm not a Lib Dem, my favourite aspect of the Lib Dems is their focus on freedom, like stopping the Snooper's charter. What do you fear will happen with a Tory majority with curtailing freedoms?

To which Lord Ashdown responded:

I really believe this has all the makings of one of the worst Governments of our time.

I think Mr Cameron is one of the most dangerous Prime Minsters I can remember. Not because he is not a decent man. He is a decent man with broadly decent instincts.

Nor because he does not believe in anything (except that Britain would be better run by people like him - though that is true too).

Nor because he intends to do damage. He does it all unwittingly. But that does not lessen the damage.

He is so short term, casual and unthinking about the things he grabs hold of.

And the consequences? in 70 days (just 70 days) he has put the Union at risk, ditto our future in Europe, placed a charge of dynamite under our constitution with [EVEL] and put a noose around the neck of the BBC.

Not bad considering all that has been done by accident.


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