Florence Pugh hits out at 'vulgar men upset by the size of my boobs'

Florence Pugh hits out at 'vulgar men upset by the size of my boobs'
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Florence Pugh

Actress Florence Pugh has hit out at the men commenting on Instagram about her body after she posted a picture wearing a sheer pink dress that showed her breasts.

Last week, the actress wore a bright pink sheer Valentino gown to the designer’s haute couture show in Rome where she walked the red carpet.

Posting a picture on Instagram, Pugh made reference to the fact her nipples were on show, writing in the caption, “Technically they’re covered?”, pointing toward Instagram’s strict rules on female nudity.

The following day, Pugh posted again, this time calling out the number of men who were criticising her body.

In a long and heartbreaking post, she wrote: “Listen, I knew when I wore that incredible Valentino dress that there was no way there wouldn’t be a commentary on it.”

She continued: “What’s been interesting to watch and witness is just how easy it is for men to totally destroy a woman’s body, publicly, proudly, for everyone to see.

“You even do it with your job titles and work emails in your bio..?”

“It isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time a woman will hear what’s wrong with her body by a crowd of strangers, what’s worrying is just how vulgar some of you men can be.”

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She then let all the men who commented on her breast size know that she fully owns her body and is not “scared” of it.

Pugh wrote: “So many of you wanted to aggressively let me know how disappointed you were by my ‘tiny tits’, or how I should be embarrassed by being so ‘flat chested’.

“I’ve lived in my body for a long time. I’m fully aware of my breast size and am not scared of it.

“What’s more concerning is…. Why are you so scared of breasts? Small? Large? Left? Right? Only one? Maybe none? What. Is. So. Terrifying.”

Pugh ended the post with a plea for people to show more respect, writing: “Grow up. Respect people. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect humans. Life will get a whole lot easier, I promise. And all because of two cute little nipples….”

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