Man takes ridiculous route between Newcastle and London because it's cheaper than public transport

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Britain's rail fares are, without doubt, some of the more extortionate around.

In fact, it was reported in January of this year that British rail passengers spend six times more on train fares than their European counterparts.

So, it's no surprise that some people find ways of avoiding bank crushing fares, uncomfortable seats, and inexplicable delays and come up with more inventive ways of getting from A to B.

Joe Furness, a 21 year-old currently based in Newcastle is one of those inventive souls - he figured out that it would be cheaper to fly from Newcastle to London via Spain than it would be to travel on conventional public transport.

In a video posted online, but unfortunately geolocked, Joe explains that his trip was to "show just how ridiculous the UK train fares are".

Furness wanted to travel to London from Newcastle, but National Rail was throwing up a £78.50 price tag, even after using his 18-25 railcard (which tends to get you up to a third off, typically off peak, rail fares).

But I once flew from Newcastle to Manchester via Switzerland, because it was like £20 cheaper... So I thought I'd have a look to see what the flights from Newcastle, to anywhere in the world, and back to London Gatwick.

So that's exactly what he did. Furness found that Newcastle to Menorca (one of Spain’s Balearic islands), and then on to London Gatwick came to only £26.

You can see where he's going with this.

So fly to London via Menorca he did, which gave him a 12-hour-stop-over to soak up some sun and indulge in a cocktail or two.

Instagramming a picture from the beach, Joe wrote

Newcastle - London Train £78.50 

Newcastle - Menorca🇪🇸  £15.99

Menorca - London 🇬🇧 £10.99

Car hire £7.50 

Sex on the beach cocktail 🍸£4

I can have a night on a Spanish island, hire a car, have a cocktail on the beach, fly back to London and still have £40 left over..... OR I could have sat on a train What would you have rather done?

Joe toldLad Bible:

It was pretty surreal, having just arrived from the North of England. There were hundreds of Spanish horse riders on the beach - I grabbed a Sex on the Beach cocktail from the bar and spend the rest of the time relaxing in the sun.

After a short sleep in his car, Joe headed back to the airport to enjoy the delights of London with some friends and the £40 he saved not travelling by train.

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