<p>Paul McCartney composing 'Get Back'</p>

Paul McCartney composing 'Get Back'


The pure unadulterated talent and artistry of some singers never fails to take our breath away.

Every once in a while an old clip of one of the greats will resurface on the internet that has everyone asking: ‘How did they do that?’

Footage of Paul McCartney composing ‘Get Back’ is having that same effect on many online.

“I’ve never seen anything like this on film before. Paul really has nothing at the 30 second mark—but 45 seconds later he’s got the makings of a hit single,” wrote Ted Giola.

In the clip, we see the shaky beginnings of Paul McCartney walking through what will become one of The Beatles’ hits ‘Get Back’.

Giola added in another tweet, “There’s a widespread view that creative people wait for moments of inspiration. But McCartney, at age 26, is literally able to force these moments to happen. What a skill! And note his confidence & absorption. This is what the ‘flow state’ looks like in real time.”

“Feeling the pressure of their approaching deadline, Paul searches for new song ideas,” reads the subtitles at the start of the video. “What is about to emerge will become The Beatles’ next single,”—chills.

The ability of the star to mold a loose chord progression into a fantastic, funky tune is nothing short of impressive.

In the comments, people responded in awe of the clip.

User @kitket96 tweeted, “Unbelievable how he uncovers his melody. Just sings it out and uses his voice like a vocal metal detector and unearths the melody waiting to be recognised, which it is instantly. Then just as quickly finds the title and chorus. Immortal.”

“It was magical to watch,” one user simply asserted.

One took note of the band dynamic at the time, writing: “my favourite part is using the shot of John's empty chair with the guitar on it as the "Lennon/McCartney" credit comes up. obviously this was their process at the time--writing independently and sharing credits--but it's clever to see it visualized in this way.”

Another said, “This is honestly really cool Paul is a very gifted artist.”

“To see this being done in real time…wow,” wrote @DakotaBirder.

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