Lily Alllen steps-in to help anyone struggling with a post-Glastonbury comedown

Lily Alllen steps-in to help anyone struggling with a post-Glastonbury comedown

The pop star had some handy advice for weary Glastonbury festival goers

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More than 200,000 people went to Glastonbury this year, and a significant amount of them will be suffering crushing comedowns this week (from all that alcohol they’ve been drinking, obviously).

But they need not worry, because Lily Allen has given her qualified medical opinion on the matter – and it’s pretty good advice.

The 'Smile' and 'LDN' singer tweeted on 26 June: “Thoughts are with those starting their post Glastonbury comedowns today, YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS."

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“It will take somewhere between a week and month depending on your age and what exactly you may have consumed, but you will get through this.”

She added in another post: “Start with a good fry up, some electrolytes, berocca, plenty of water and stay away from anything like Grey's Anatomy or The Notebook.”

Twitter users were quick to thank the singer.

One user said: “Thank you Lily, you got me and @MarisaMuramatsu through the early hours journey home.”

Another added: “I’m still recovering from 1987 tbh.”

And one other said: “Needed to see this. This car journey home, emotions are all over the gaff!”

This year’s Glastonbury, which finished yesterday, saw headliners Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses and Sir Elton John play to vast crowds.

While Allen was not on the lineup, her 2022 rendition of her hit 'F*** You' will still be fresh in the minds of fans, when she joined pop star Olivia Rodrigo on stage for a surprise appearance.

Meanwhile, her 2009 song, 'Everyone’s At It', took a pop at people in the media and politics who are hypocritical about alcohol and drug use in wider society.

The chorus goes: “Why can't we all, all just be honest / Admit to ourselves that everyone's on it / From grown politicians to young adolescents”.

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