People are roasting Gordon Ramsay’s food for a change

People are roasting Gordon Ramsay’s food for a change

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If you’ve spent a good minute watching old episodes of Kitchen Nightmares or one of his TikTok reactions, then you’ll know foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay is often slagging off people’s cooking.

But unfortunately for him, it seems he is now the one on the receiving end of the roasting.

On Monday, the Hell’s Kitchen star shared a video of a signature dish available at his Savoy Grill restaurant in London, which he took over in 2003.

The Arnold Bennett Soufflé with aged cheddar sauce - which also contains smoked haddock - took the form of an omelette for several decades before becoming a soufflé.

The food, listed on the restaurant’s menu as a starter, is priced at £18.

Posting footage of the meal on Twitter, Ramsay wrote it was “simply perfect”.

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However, with the clip showing someone pouring thick, melted yellow cheese over the white soufflé, Twitter users beg to differ:

It was probably better as an omelette, Gordon.

It’s the most recent pill Ramsay has had to swallow, after a 12-year-old went viral for using Junior MasterChef guest Tilly Ramsay's expertise as an opportunity to flirt during a recent episode.

"What do you think of American boys?" he asked the 20-year-old in front of her dad.

Shocked by the question, she said: "I think they're very nice Freddy... So what's Philadelphia like at this time of year?"

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