Hank Green flooded with messages as he confirms he is in ‘complete remission’ from cancer

Hank Green flooded with messages as he confirms he is in ‘complete remission’ from cancer

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Popular content creator Hank Green – one half of the iconic YouTube duo ‘Vlogbrothers’ with sibling and author John Green – has revealed he is in “complete remission” from cancer following chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The SciShow presenter shared his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a cancer affecting the lymphatic system, which includes the lymph nodes – in a video from May and said he was “not fine and it sucks”, but stressed the lymphoma is “super treatable”.

Now, in an update posted to Twitter/X on Monday, Green confirmed he had a follow-up with his oncologist following his treatment which led to him being told he is “officially in complete remission”.

He added: “Chance of relapse is low, but still very present. I have a scan in three months to make sure everything’s still good.

“Then we keep a close eye on it for two years and then a medium eye on it for the rest of my life. They don’t call it ‘cure’ until five years from today.

“And then there’s dealing with post-treatment health, which is certainly not perfect. You don’t get out unscathed!

“Still working through some pain, some fatigue, migraines… anxiety, of course. But honestly… holy s***, y’all. Feels good.”

And Green was immediately met with countless messages celebrating the “awesome” news:

In follow-up tweets, Green said he is “utterly grateful” to “all of the people who have been part of the scientific and medical processes that made this possible” and that he is “so sad that these treatments … remain unavailable to so many people”.

He continued: “I wish I could get behind the ‘I beat cancer’ frame. I did things, other people did things, and I mostly just got lucky (aside from the getting cancer part).

“But most importantly, it’s more like ‘risk of relapse fades over the next few years, but you never know!”

Green regularly updated fans during his treatment, taking a particular interest in the fact that “folks on chemo p*** out cancer”.

Congratulations, Hank – you icon.

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