Social media baffled by 'Duke and Duchess of Sussex' Amazon review for Spare

Social media baffled by 'Duke and Duchess of Sussex' Amazon review for Spare
Prince Harry claims he has enough material to write another memoir

Social media users are losing their minds after finding an Amazon review by 'the Duke and Duchess of Sussex' under Harry's explosive memoir, Spare. However, it's not all that it seems.

The lengthy review-in-question was submitted by a verified account using the royals' name. It described the book as an 'Emotional human story with unprecedented insight'.

The poster said they "highly recommend" the book which includes "incredibly raw and emotional moments."

It continued: "It is undeniably depressing that Harry and Meghan felt they couldn’t continue in their royal roles.

"They could have been a huge force for good, supporting communities in the UK and the Commonwealth, representing a true Modern Monarchy with their enviable platform and privilege.

"Leaked excerpts of The Duke’s memoirs don’t do his story justice. The book as a whole is a must-read! Highly recommend."

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It was first spotted by an eagle-eyed Amazon user, who immediately shared her discovery (and frustration towards Harry and Meghan) on Twitter.

The blissfully unaware user called the post "pathetic and immature" before adding: "No self-respecting author would do this".

Many more outraged Twitter users flocked to the post, with one saying they were "cringing for them".

Another accused the post of having "Meghan's handprints all over it".

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "They are the gift that keeps on giving aren't they".

Plot twist: it wasn't them. And if there's anything we can learn from this, it's to not believe everything you read on the internet.

While the review appeared to come from the royals themselves, it turned out to be a fan account.

When the account is clicked on, the full username reads: "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Fan Account."


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