'I fix it for the rich and famous – whatever they need, I make it happen' says the luxury concierge

Luxury concierge organises lavish holidays and parties for A-listers

A man known as the ‘fixer’ for the rich and famous has revealed the audacious lengths he goes to in order to please stars like Marcus Rashford, Chris Brown and famous social media influencers.

Hayes Thomas lives the high life with the jet set while looking after A-listers' every need, from booking private jets to organising lavish holidays and parties, getting them into the right clubs and even giving investment advice.

After giving up his dream of becoming a footballer, the 29-year-old from east London works with top players from the Premier League – but in a very different way than he first imagined.

For example, when Marcus Rashford proposed to his girlfriend at an exclusive LA mansion, Hayes Thomas was on hand to make sure the romantic gesture went off without a hitch.

If global superstars like Chris Brown are in town, they turn to the UK’s top fixer to make it a night to remember, like booking out an entire bowling alley for Brown and his entourage on their day off.

Hayes launched “elite lifestyle service” HCT Concierge (@hctconcierge on Instagram), in 2014 and has built a lucrative empire entirely on word of mouth.

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Jam Press/HCT Concierge

Operating every hour of every day, he has now ploughed over a million pounds into developing an app to handle the demand and allow clients to build their bespoke requests via smartphone.

Among the more outlandish requests carried out for clients, Hayes has:

Booked chauffeur-driven Bentleys and a private jet to Ibiza solely for the pet of a British TV star’s girlfriend who couldn’t bear to be without her Schnoodle during a summer vacation.

Hired an entire Caribbean island for a well-known grime artist paranoid about privacy, including taking several solo trips to scout out locations as well as arranging all the logistics, including transportation, catering, and entertainment.

Commissioned a custom-built Lamborghini for a prominent YouTuber and then had to drive it 900 miles from Italy to London to hand deliver it.

Secured VIP seats at the World Cup Final in Qatar and an exclusive penthouse hotel suite for the son of a celebrity chef, complete with a ‘sleep butler’ to advise him on which luxury bedding would give him the best night’s sleep.

Arranged a private concert with their favourite artist for a well-known British actor and his partner because they couldn’t make the sole UK tour date.

Hayes negotiated terms and secured the necessary permits and equipment to ensure the performance was spectacular.

Reminiscing about Marcus Rashford’s lavish LA engagement to secondary school sweetheart, Lucia Loi, Hayes says: “We arranged the whole holiday to California so Marcus knew exactly what was going to happen before he left the UK.

“So the private aircraft to the house to all the cars, trips to restaurants, security – we looked after everything.”

Jam Press/HCT Concierge

The England footballer got down on one knee after the couple shared a romantic night in LA.

Both Rashford and Loi later shared a picture on Instagram of them atop a bed of white roses in front of a heart-shaped archway with the caption “24.05.22”, all organised by Hayes who accompanied them on the trip.

Hayes said: “It was the most amazing experience, but also the most daunting and outrageous thing I’ve ever done. In the end, I think it meant more to me because of how much it meant to them.

“Making someone feel that way in the moment was very special and nailing it felt like my biggest achievement.

“Marcus is an amazing guy, he’s one of my easiest clients to work with, he’s very respectful, and knows what he wants.

“I travel with a lot of clients and with Marcus and Lucia I travelled with them because it was key I was there to make everything go as smoothly as possible, especially on the big day.

“Travel is an essential part of the job to ensure everything that’s been arranged is what they’re accustomed to. Honestly, the worst part is no sleep.”

Close friends in attendance at Rashford’s LA engagement party included former Manchester United teammate, Jesse Lingard, another of Hayes’ clients.

He says: “Sometimes a client might call me asking ‘what shall we do tonight? I want to do something fun, what do you suggest?’ and then it comes down to understanding that person.

“Like with Jesse Lingard I know he’s really fun, active, likes arcades, and bowling.

“That’s his vibe, so he’s like let’s not go to a club, let’s hire out a bowling alley or an arcade. There’s only so much fun you can have in a club, Jesse’s very playful and likes his video games.

“I’ve even arranged for him to go to the Formula One in Abu Dhabi where we met Martin Lawrence from Bad Boys.”

Hayes admits not every client is as easy going as Lingard and Rashford and when you’re dealing with big egos and entourages you don’t always get the acknowledgement for the work you’ve put in.

Jam Press/HCT Concierge

He said: “Every scenario is different, but I remember I had one client who didn’t say my name for about two years.

“We never even had a conversation.

“When it comes to celebrities there are always people in between.

“Say a manager or a friend and it’s all sugar-coated before they understand that you’re the guy that actually sorted everything.”

Hayes added: “But we make a decent living. Concierge is based on volume.

“To have 10 clients it’s not a good earner, to make money in this space you need 50 plus clients.”

So, to scale the business even more, he’s about to launch HCT Finance, a new app that works like online banking – although legally defined as ‘e-money’ and working like Revolut or Monzo – with his concierge service built into it.

He said: “It’s a one-stop shop, so you have your bank balance there and we do a points system that you can use on the services we provide.

“So instead of say sending money to Revolut, entering your card details on Booking for a hotel, heading to OpenTable to reserve a restaurant, finding a chauffeur company to take you and then trying to secure a nightclub table with a WhatsApp message, the app does it all for you.

“It’s taken about two-and-a-half years and over one million pounds of investment, so it’s a lot of money, but the idea is you just go on the app and… well, I am the app.”

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