Here's what happens when a mixed Muslim-Jewish couple walks down the street

New Yorkers Are We Famous Yet made waves last month with a video in which they got two people to dress in traditional Jewish and Muslim clothing and walk down the street together.

Now filmmaker Karim Metwaly and friends Al and Moe are back with the 'Muslim/Jewish Marriage Experiment', and sadly, the sight of two couples in differing religious garb produced exactly the negative results you'd expect.

The two couples - one posing as a Jewish man and a Muslim woman and the other dressed as a Muslim man and a Jewish woman - encounter stares, swearing, insults and even a water bottle thrown at them.

In a Muslim neighbourhood, when asked, 'what do you think of a Muslim guy and a Jewish girl walking together' one police officer responds:

No comment.

Another man stops them to say:

This is so wrong on so many levels. This makes Islam look bad.

One woman shouts 'F--k you".

The reaction in a Jewish neighbourhood was also hostile. The pair were followed by a man who shouted obscenities and called the man dressed as a Muslim a "terrorist".

There were some positive comments, however, that restored Ali and co's faith in humanity a little.

I think Jews and Arabs can be friends, everybody can be friends.

We all believe in God. What's the difference now?

And even some real life examples of multicultural friendships.

You can watch the experiment below:

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