Hillary Clinton sassed the entire Republican field with one simple gif

Despite leading in the polls, Donald Trump and Ben Carson both produced underwhelming displays in the third Republican debate on Wednesday night.

Marco Rubio was perhaps the standout performer, coming out fighting against an attack from long-term ally Jeb Bush - whose campaign is seriously starting to wane - and leaving the former Florida governor looking bruised.

But the headlines following the debate - the third time the GOP candidates have gone head-to-head - have been dominated by the line of questioning produced by the CNBC panel.

As well as frustrated boos from the audience, several candidates - including Trump and Chris Christie - tried to claim it as evidence of the mainstream media's liberal bias.

But the media wasn't their only target of attack in Boulder, Colorado: Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton was labelled a "liar" by Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina claimed she would be the former secretary of state's "worst nightmare".

So how worried is Clinton about the Republican field? About this worried:

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