Holly Willoughby lists 'the moon' as a member of staff on her website

Holly Willoughby lists 'the moon' as a member of staff on her website
June's Strawberry Moon to Light Up the Night Sky This Week

UK TV presenter Holly Willoughby listed "the moon" as a member of staff on her lifestyle website, Wylde Moon.

On Saturday (9 July), Ellen C Scott, Metro's Lifestyle and Weekend Editor took to her Twitter to share a screenshotted image of the website's staff of honour.

The image first shows Podcast Producer Callum Goddard - Mocklow.

Directly underneath that is "The Moon," whose job description is "Guidance and Intuition."

"Absolutely obsessed with Holly Willoughby listing THE MOON on the list of staff at her website," Scott captioned the photo.

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People took to the comments section of the post to express the same sentiments as Willoughby.

They also shared jokes about the moon being employed.

One wrote: "All poets should do this if we're honest with ourselves."

"I hope she's getting paid fairly," another added.

A third quipped, "The Moon should unionise," while a fourth added: "Sad to announce Holly Willoughby has an unpaid intern: The Moon."

Someone else who brought the sun into the conversation added: "I should list the Sun [on] my website for providing the energy to run the servers."

In September 2021, Willoughby announced the launch of her new Wylde Moon.

"Wylde Moon is the embodiment of me reaching a stage in life where, although I have lots of experience, I still don't fully know who I am," she explained in the website's first interview.

She also said that she wanted the website to be a spot to share things she loves and what she's learned, among other things.

"I want it to be a place where we can celebrate other people, too, where we can shine a light on them, their brands, their experiences."

Willoughby's website is curated content surrounding beauty, fashion, and family life tips.

There is also a monthly mood board, information on the phases of the moon, and interviews with Holly and other inspirational guests.

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