If you thought it wasn't possible to like Taylor Swift more, read what she says about feminism

In the last two days Taylor Swift has released the most talked-about music video of 2015, won eight Billboard Music Awards and been named the hottest woman in the world by Maxim.

As the 25-year-old tells the men's magazine, she really is having a good year. Rather than discussing her looks, Swift used her interview with Maxim to promote feminism, saying it is "probably the most important movement that you could embrace, because it’s just basically another word for equality".

I think that when I used to say, 'Oh, feminism’s not really on my radar,' it was because when I was just seen as a kid, I wasn’t as threatening.

I didn’t see myself being held back until I was a woman. Or the double standards in headlines, the double standards in the way stories are told, the double standards in the way things are perceived. A man writing about his feelings from a vulnerable place is brave; a woman writing about her feelings from a vulnerable place is oversharing or whining. Misogyny is ingrained in people from the time they are born.

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