Introducing the YouTube sensation who is bigger than Beyonce

How do you become a best-selling author?

Establish yourself as a YouTube sensation. One such star, Zoella, has seen her debut novel become one of Amazon’s top five best-selling children’s books – even though it doesn’t go on sale for three weeks. Girl Online by Zoella, real name Zoe Suggs, is likely to shoot to the top of the charts on pre-orders alone.

How extraordinary…

Not when you consider the size of Zoella’s fan base. The 24-year-old represents a new breed of celebrity: the video blogger (vlogger). Since she discovered vlogging in 2009 she has amassed more than six million subscribers to her YouTube channel - more than Beyonce's. Together with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes (another YouTube A-Lister) she makes up one half of “Zalfie” – the Posh and Becks of the internet.

A modern classic?

Girl Online, which is being published in 15 languages, tells the story of a teenage girl who writes a blog about school, boys and her “mad” family.

What’s so fascinating about Zoella?

Very little, or plenty, depending on who you ask. i’s Chloe Hamilton recently felt the wrath of Zoella fans when she criticised her “sickly sweet” brand of girl power. But her inoffensive nature and big-sister appeal has endeared her to millions who have their finger poised over the “add to basket” button.

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