So it turns out Canada's new prime minister Justin Trudeau is also a fantastic bhangra dancer

In case you missed the election of what is probably the only world leader with a tattoo this week, let us succinctly fill you in:

Canada's Liberal Party secured an absolute majority on Tuesday, ousting the Conservative Party's Stephen Harper as prime minister after nine years in the hot seat.

The party's policies including stepping up protection of indigenous women's rights, the right to abortion, higher taxes for the rich, tackling climate change, and legalising marijuana.

Justin Trudeau, the 43-year-old son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, spent the morning after his victory riding trains on the Montreal subway, meeting and thanking people who voted for him.

The international community has enjoyed catching up on Trudeau Jr's past antics, including the fact he gets semi-naked in public for charity events fairly often and once kissed a gay talk show host on national television.

And just when we thought Trudeaumania had peaked, it turns out there's fuel for the fire: he's also a cracking dancer.

A video of Trudeau dancing bhangra at an Indian cultural event in Montreal has resurfaced online.

The newly elected prime minister drops it low in a traditional shudh desi kurta-pyjama and a stole, apparently picking up most of the moves as he goes along and encouraging others to join in.

Be still, our beating hearts.

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