James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s YouTube feud just got even worse with ‘fake texts’ drama

James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s YouTube feud just got even worse with ‘fake texts’ drama

The James Charles vs Tati Westbrook drama has taken another messy turn.

For those who don’t already know, the two YouTubers have been at war over Westbrook’s allegation that Charles betrayed her by promoting a rival beauty brand (SugarBearHair) and her claim that he has a problematic history of targeting straight men in relationships.

If you thought this Youtube feud couldn’t get any worse, you’re dead wrong, because now there are screenshots involved.

If you need to get up to speed on this very modern debacle you can read about it here.

Ready? Good.

The key information to know is that despite Charles' attempts to apologise, he has now been “CANCELLED” and has lost more than 3 million followers since Westbrook posted the video.

So, what is the new drama?

Nikita Dragun, Charles’ friend and fellow YouTuber, came to his defence yesterday with a pair of screenshots that she claims prove Charles had not planned to betray Westbrook.

In the screenshots, allegedly from Dragun to Charles and Dragun to SugarBearHair, Charles asked her if she could get him artist passes at Coachella because he was being “attacked” in the VIP area.

SugarBearHair apparently agreed.

This is where the mess starts.

First, YouTube channel Tea Spill said that Dragun’s story doesn’t match what Charles told them.

Then Tea Spill posted another screenshot, allegedly from Charles, in which he apparently said SugarBearHair asked him to do an advert in return for the tickets.

That has nothing to do with being mobbed or attacked in the VIP area…

People were struggling to believe the story anyway, because of the short time between replies.

And because Dragun decided to wait days before “clarifying” the situation…

Indy100 has contacted SugarBearHair asking for comment on the screenshots.

Even if it is true, people said the story doesn’t exactly help Charles’ case.

Especially because the vitamins drama isn’t entirely why he’s losing so many subscribers – the allegations about his relationships with straight men are much more problematic.

The whole feud is not just hurting Charles’ follower count, it’s also starting to hurt his business as well.

Buzzfeed News reported yesterday that Charles’ online store for his brand Sisters Apparel appears to have been taken down.

Meanwhile, Westbrook has gained millions of YouTube followers from the drama.

You can watch the subscriber count showdown between Charles and Westbrook in real-time below:

What a mess.

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