Jay-Z signed up to Instagram then deleted his account after a day

<p>Jay Z </p>

Jay Z

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Sorry Instagram, he’s just not that into you.

After only one day on the social media platform, it appears as though Jay Z has deleted his account.

The 51-year-old rapper took the world by surprise on Wednesday when his long-awaited IG arrival finally came to fruition. Almost immediately, Jay-Z racked up more than 2 million followers.

His ever-supportive wife Beyoncé quickly clicked the ‘follow’ button on Jay’s profile, making it the only account she followed on Instagram. Jay Z returned the favor and followed only his wife. But after only one post on his newly created page, Jay-Z waved goodbye to his possible IG influencer career

His now-disappeared first post, which was notably shared on both his feed and Story, was in promotion of his upcoming movie, The Harder They Fall, which he produced. The western flick's poster was shared on his feed while his story included a countdown to the film’s release on Netflix

The “Crazy in Love” singer reposted his countdown to her own Story in anticipation of the film’s release. Oh, what could have been IG’s newest power couple!

Jay Z deactivated his profile less than 24 hours later, leaving fans confused. His short-lived time on Instagram has since inspired countless hilarious memes.

Whether Jay-Z will return to Instagram is unclear but if his plan was to get everyone talking about his film all along, it definitely worked.

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