People could relate to French Prime Minister Jean Castex looking for his glasses while wearing them

It’s a fairly common mishap: you misplace your keys and panic starts to seep in, only to realise that they’re right in front of you.

Or for the glasses-wearers among us, there’s always that moment where you think you’ve lost your pair when they’re actually still on your face.

It’s a mildly embarrassing incident for anyone that leaves you mortified for a second, even when no one is there to witness it. But unfortunately for France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex, he was the unlucky soul to be caught on camera as it happened.

In a clip taken from a press briefing, Castex can be seen scrambling to find his glasses and patting his pockets before mumbling to himself, “Where are my glasses?” He then realises that he’s wearing them and continues with the briefing.

Honestly, we’ve all been there.

The video quickly went viral and people just think it’s super relatable.

Many understood what he was going through.

And it wasn’t just people who wear glasses.

Does this mean we’re just as qualified to become the French Prime Minister?

Next time something like this happens to us, we can at least be grateful that it wasn’t in front of the entire world.

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