White House Hits Back at Inflation Criticism From Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is reminding people of his humble beginnings after posting a photo of himself eating a McDonald's Big Mac burger on Twitter.

"My first job. And still the same great burger. Happy Sunday," Bezos tweeted with a nearly finished burger in his hand.

Bezos once worked as a short-order line cook for McDonald's during the breakfast shift while attending high school in Miami, Florida.

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Bezos tweet was made seemingly to remind people that he was once like everyone else and getting-by on minimum wage.

Although Bezos is considered a 'self made' billionaire, he did have some help from family when first starting Amazon. His parents invested somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 into their company, a luxury many people don't have.

People on Twitter mocked Bezos for trying to be relatable.

"Wow. Your parents let you work at McD’s even though they were rich and would later stake your business?" A Twitter user wrote.

"Relax bro, your parents gave you the equivalent of $600,000 to start your business," Another Twitter account added.

"Look everyone. He's just like us! Except the obscene amount of money. And the power and influence. And the space rockets. And the union busting, labor abuse and monopolization of retail. But other than THOSE things... BURGERS!" Vince wrote.

With recent controversies around Amazon workers and the conditions they face, many people called out Bezos for diverting attention away from his company.

Bezos stepped down as CEO of Amazon last year and now serves as executive chairman of the company.

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