Jenna Ortega sparks fierce debate among fans after being spotted smoking

Jenna Ortega sparks fierce debate among fans after being spotted smoking
IN DEPTH: Jenna Ortega

Fans of the actress Jenna Ortega have been left upset after footage emerged that appeared to show her smoking.

The 20-year-old is well-known for her role portraying gothic teen Wednesday in the Netflix series of the same name, gaining a large and passionate fanbase online.

But, some of her fans were left saddened when a video began circulating online showing Ortega smoking a cigarette, sparking a debate among Twitter users.

The clip was shared by @wstgoat7 and appeared to show Ortega leaning against a wall and smoking while in conversation with someone. She had her hair tied back and sunglasses on her head while also clutching a handbag.

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It has been viewed almost 30 million times and ignited some strong feelings among her fans, many of whom have grown up with the former child actress on their screens in shows such as the Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle.

One disappointed person replied to the video: “Yeah she’s off the roster.”

Another said: “Major turn off.”

But, others were more concerned by the fact that people were so shocked and concerned that a grown adult woman was doing something totally legal.

Someone urged: “Stop infantilizing Jenna, anyways is that the Miu Miu Nappa leather pocket bag? She has good taste.”

“Twitter users when their fav actor, who is an adult, does an adult thing,” pointed out someone else.

For others, the Ortega smoking discourse reminded them of the moment One Direction fans discovered band member Zayn Malik smoked and launched a campaign in 2012 to urge him to quit.

Amid the Ortega controversy, fans urged others not to put public figures and celebrities on a pedestal that they never asked to be on.

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