Jennifer Coolidge's 'evil gays' Emmy Awards speech has become an instant meme

Jennifer Coolidge's 'evil gays' Emmy Awards speech has become an instant meme
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Jennifer Coolidge hilariously thanked the “evil gays” during her acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards and fans are loving it.

The White Lotus star won the Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series after her character Tanya McQuoid became a fan-favourite in the show.

During her acceptance speech, Coolidge referenced McQuoid’s storyline from season two of the show, set in Sicily, where she was befriended by a group of “evil gays”.

Coolidge said: “Mike White (the show’s creator), thank you for this. Mike White, you know, for being part of giving me this opportunity to play this incredible character.”

Later, she added, “I wanna thank all the evil gays”, drawing a big laugh from the audience who cheered at The White Lotus reference.

McQuoid met her demise in season two after attempting to escape from a group of “evil gays” on a yacht and falling to her death.

In her speech, she confirmed: “[White] says I’m definitely dead so I’m going along with it.”

Despite her character being no more, fans were left delighted by the hilarious reference.

One wrote: “Girl, I swear if you watch White Lotus you will know that she deserves this. I swear that ‘these gays, they’re trying to murder me’ line and scene was iconic. Plus, that Peppa Pig skskksoshebs... So there she is hahahaha thanking the evil gays. An icon.”

“When I tell you I GUFFAWED. I LOVE HER FOREVER,” another said.

Another wrote: “That’s mother.”

Coolidge was rushed from the stage after her speech ran over the allotted time. She was just about able to conclude: “I had a little dream in my little town and everyone said it was impractical. And it was far-fetched. But it did happen after all, so don't give up on your dream.”

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