Jeremy Corbyn wore a tie on The Andrew Marr show and no one could cope

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning to discuss his views on Syria and the alleged friction among his party.

He spoke about his anti-air strikes stance, saying that while he wouldn't describe himself as a pacifist the act of war is "a very last resort", adding "you don't get peace through bombs".

When quizzed over his future as Labour Leader as doubts were raised over whether his own MPs want him out before the next election he said:

I'm not going anywhere, I am enjoying every moment of it.

And when Marr asked whether he was looking at the face of the next Prime Minister, Mr Corbyn simply replied: "I Hope you are".

In sum, his latest television appearance was pretty lacking in controversy and there was no Little Read Book to be seen.

However, one thing had viewers on the edge. There was just one thing they couldn't handle...

Jezza may or may not have had a haircut, and he was wearing a tie.

Yes, really.

What a time to be alive.

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