Jeremy Vine's latest on-air gaffe is textbook Alan Partridge

Jeremy Vine's latest on-air gaffe is textbook Alan Partridge
Jeremy Vine
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Radio presenter Jeremy Vine has given listeners perhaps the most quintessentially “Alan Partridge” moment when reading out a surprisingly morbid story on his BBC Radio 2 show.

Vine, 58, was telling a tale about an eight-year-old who was boating with their family on the River Hull live on his show.

While reading up to the point when the writer’s 12-year-old brother took control of the boat and drove it into a bridge, he started laughing.

“I don’t know why I’m laughing,” he said.

The contents of the letter, however, were about to get extremely dark.

Vine, reading out the story, said: "When I was eight, my parents had a boat on the River Hull, one day it rained and the river rose, my parents let my 12-year-old brother drive the boat.

“We were sunbathing on deck, I went to get a drink just as the galley caved in, because what he'd done is accelerated..."

Chuckling, Vine continued: "...into Tickton Bridge... I don't know why I'm laughing....okay, this is not good.

"The collision took my mum's arm off...blimey O'Riley... I didn't see that coming.”

The listener wrote that they would have been "decapitated" if they had still been on the boat's deck.

Jeremy ended with: "Okay...well that's slightly lowered the mood."

Sharing the post on social media, one listener said: “Purest Alan Partridge moment from Vine, here. Gold.”

Vine responded: "I can only apologise."


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