Joe Lycett is launching a podcast which is literally ‘celebrities talking s***’

Joe Lycett is launching a podcast which is literally ‘celebrities talking s***’
Joe Lycett releases teaser for poo-based podcast
Joe Lycett’s Turdcast

Birmingham funnyman Joe Lycett is now styling his way into the podcast industry, as he’s announced an audio series called Turdcast “all about toilet habits” carried out by famous celebrities, because of course he has.

Lycett had previously ‘floated’ – sorry - the idea of a podcast in his stand-up (he tells indy100 it might have been mentioned during an episode of his Channel 4 chat show, Late Night Lycett), but on Friday he announced the series he has “dreamed about” is now very much a real thing.

The podcast’s description on Spotify reads: “Joe has always been fascinated by the great leveller that is going to the toilet. From King Charles to Gary Barlow, we all need to jump to do a dump, flee to do a wee or grit to do a… well, you know – literally nobody is too hot to squat.

“From bog standards to demon dumps, we all have a toilet story to tell and you’ll now get to hear them all in the number one (or number two) podcast from Mummy. Turdcast will reveal the side (underside?) of your favourite celebrities we don’t get to hear enough about, be it because of their shyness, modesty or downright self-disgust.”

Lycett goes further in the trailer introducing the podcast, saying: “Famous people are just like you, and just like you, they sometimes find themselves experiencing a blissful quarter of an hour with a novel and a multipack of Cushelle, or flooring it down the M6 in a race against time to find a Welcome Break cubicle.

“Let’s face it, most podcasts are celebrities talking s***, this is the one that makes it official.”

Well, he’s not wrong.

He’s even revealed his first guest as being none other than footballer turned Match of the Day host Gary Lineker, confirming the presenter tells the full story about “the infamous 1990 World Cup where he s*** himself on the pitch in front of millions of people”.


And the news is already making a splash (sorry again) with his followers, with BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James simply writing “f*** sake” and former EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy commenting “yay”.

One fan even suggested the alternative title of “Diarrhoea of a CEO”, in reference to the podcast helmed by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Steven Bartlett.

And Victorian Plumbing has offered to sponsor the podcast, because who else would be best placed to do it?

When asked who his dream guest would be for the podcast when it comes to talking about all things poo, Lycett told indy100: “To be fair Lineker IS the dream guest. We’ve peaked!

“And maybe Dr Giulia Enders who wrote ‘Gut’.”

It's not the first time that Lycett has dabbled in toilet humour, as he created a Brexit urinal last year to "celebrate the success" of the controversial vote, and said the phrase "I've got a smelly bum bum" during a House of Lords evidence session.

Turdcast’s first episode will be released at 9am next Friday (November 24), and comes just weeks after Lycett went viral for responding to Suella Braverman’s comments on homelessness by sharing a photo of potpourri and raising more than £50,000 for the charity Crisis.

We do not deserve you, Joe.

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