Joe Rogan and Dave Portnoy want you to root for Andrew Tate after arrest

Joe Rogan and Dave Portnoy want you to root for Andrew Tate after arrest
Joe Rogan hopes Andrew Tate was not arrested due to his ‘bombastic …

Joe Rogan and Dave Portnoy have joined forces, noting that they feel it's "crazy" for people not to support Andrew Tate, despite his arrest for alleged crimes.

On 29 December, Tate, his brother Tristan and two others were arrested by Romanian authorities for alleged human trafficking, rape, and creating an organised crime group.

They have remained detained since then and will be for at least 30 days.

As a result of this debacle, people on social media are eagerly awaiting his demise.

But Rogan and Portnoy don't believe it's a good thing to relish in his downfall.

On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Portnoy as the guest, the two discussed the former kickboxer and wealth content creator's charges in Romania and how people want to see him in jail for a while.

They also spoke about Tate's background in the realm of kickboxing.

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"There [are] some wild f***ing people in that world," Rogan said.

"That is a crazy world where there's not a lot of money, and you're facing f***ing straight-up killers, and you know, I mean, there's all sorts of different personalities in that world, but it's a different kind of human.

"They're [sic] wild masculine, very aggressive people. And that's part of his shtick," he added.

Portnoy replied: "But he —if you want to use the word toxic masculinity, he's it."

Rogan said: "Well, the bad stuff that he said embodies that—and that's what people are

that's why people are rooting for what he said to be true because they don't want that."

Portnoy agreed with Rogan before noting that people should reconsider their thoughts about the notorious content creator.

"You're still crazy to root for that because you're not thinking about the victims. That would be — you're basically— that means a lot of people were hurt," he said.

Rogan chimed in: "If you're hoping that it's true and it's not true, that's horrible because you are hoping for people to have been victimized. I see what you're saying."

It's unclear as to what is next in store for the controversial influencer.

Check out that part of the interview at the 9:55 mark below.

Reacting to Andrew Tate's Arrestyoutu.be

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